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Authentically integrating brands within youth culture, while collaborating
with the diverse creators behind it.

Who we are

G-A is where creativity & diversity meets purpose: creating raw, authentic & culturally impactful work.

Birthed from leading youth magazine GUAP Magazine, We are the perfect bridge for brands looking to use creativity to reach young people from traditionally underrepresented audiences.

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GUAP Agency was birthed to fill the gap between traditional agencies, media, and an ever-growing diverse youth audience. Many traditional agencies working within youth spaces often neglected the same audience behind the scenes, were not from the audience they were trying to reach, or did not understand how to speak to audiences that were traditionally underrepresented e.g Black Audiences.

GUAP saw this as an opportunity to not only bring real representation to the industry but also to give creators from that audience the opportunity to work on groundbreaking campaigns, with major brands.

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Our approach

Working with emerging talent is in GUAP’s DNA. Gen-Z & Millenial creatives influence the culture they create and GUAP works with this audience daily. We have unparalleled knowledge in identifying the right creators for each campaign, both in front and behind the camera, helping brands obtain relevance, loyalty, and alignment within youth culture.

By collaborating with our community we are able to harness the power of real hard-to-reach communities and uplift the voices of this community. This leads to authentic representation (on and off the camera), true impact (online and offline), and more sharability (thus more reach) per campaign Our approach creates real deep impact within culture not just on a surface level.

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