Been Doing It – TikTok

TikTok came to us with a dilemma, for BHM 2022 they wanted to pay tribute to their Black users, however they needed some help; their data reflected that Black users, particularly Black Women and non-binary people were mistrusting of the app as a platform that is a safe space for them. They wanted us to help them get to the root of the mistrust and then create an authentic campaign that would work towards undoing the mistrust .

Before we even begun to structure our ideas we tapped into our network to get to the root of the mistrust, the main problem was the feeling of erasure. Black creators often create trends, however when it came to recognition they weren’t getting it. For the same trend a Black creator could come up with, their white counterparts would often recreate and appropriate thus becoming the more recognised creators.


We proposed that TikTok needed to create a campaign that unapologetically put Black creators on the forefront, the campaign needed to have depth as well as committing to be authentic to the audience. Our aim was also to showcase how diversely black people exist – Thus we came up with “Been Doing It”.


@tiktok_uk The Black community are the moment, they been doing it! #BlackTikTok ♬ sonido original – TikTok UK